How To call From unknown number from your phone:


How To call From unknown number from your phone:

Calling from unknown number, using this trick we can make fun of our friends. Also we can use it for our safety awareness. Generally, all telecom stations are running using this scheme only. But today’s world is moving on to the internet, here you can do anything. Today’s article we are going to explain how to call your friend without displaying your number to their dial pad. Follow the steps
  • Just go to the website is called and there you see a phone image as shown in the video.
  • There you see lookup, sms, status, and call. Here lookup is used for collect a person’s data from the government database. Sms is for sending the sms by showing single digit number or two-digit number (+1 or +401 or +33 etc).
  • For our requirement, we choose call option. click on it. Now wait for one minutes to load their data base.
  • Select the country you want to call, (also using this website you call internationally). For us choose +91. Now enter your 10 digit phone number.
  • After that click one green button call.
Note: reveal name offers limited only. You just change your VPN settings to get unlimited calls.

How to call to using 13-digit phone number:

  • Download the android app from playstore link.
  • Just login using your gmail ID and give some fake password.
  • Enable all permission where the app needs
  • Now call to your friend phone number and you see call from 13-digit phone number.

Watch the tutorial videos:


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