How to make Money on DU Screen Recorder:


How to make Money on DU Screen Recorder:

DU screen recorder is a number one screen recorder for recording mobile screen videos. Mostly these screen recorders are used for creating youtube tutorial videos. DU screen recorder is having more than 50 million users, and it is developed by the second world’s largest search engine Baidu. Monthly it reaches 6 million organic searches. Also it is my favorite screen recorder. Their free version offers us to recorder with their watermark. To remove watermark, we have to go for their Pro version.
Also DU screen recorder partner program offers creators can make money from their ads. They provide overlay ads on the embedded youtube videos. They give us both CPM and CPC revenues. The ads will be placed in between of your videos. They give 0.61$ per each 1000 views. Let get started, how to make money from du screen recorder. Follow my steps,
  • Just Download and Install DU screen reorder app from either play store or iTunes.
  • Now you see a four icon column as shown in the video. Click on that, In that, you see the trending youtube videos
  • Scroll down, in that you see a gif image is called “earn money from the videos” click on that,
  • Then you see a dashboard, with some dollar and points figure. in that below you see a promotional content, click on that
  • After that you see an ad bit for such videos. Click on that, Now you a different type of ads promotion such as logo promotional and over relay ads. Just check on that.
  • Now you see the video on your dashboard as shown in the video, click on the three dotted line. Then you get a generating add promotional tab. Now just click on that. After few minutes’ ads will be generated.
  • Now you click the share button and use youtube to Now you just login to your youtube channel and upload it. After completion the video, copy the video URL and paste in to the note edit tab and submit it.
  • Now you see your video with a ads. The revenue will be depending on the number views which is viewed from DU screen recorder app.
  • Also you can with draw money through PayPal account after reaching $15.
That’s all. Such that you can make money from DU screen recorder App.

Video Tutorial Make money from DU Screen Recorder:


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