How To Send SMS Without Displaying Phone Number For Free


How To Send SMS Without Displaying Phone Number For Free:

SMS means short text message, in earlier stage at before 2010, it was very famous, also we have to spend some money to the welcome service provider. But now a days it is totally free to send anyone. While sending such a sms our phone number displays to the sender mobile. So that the receiver can understand the sender details. But in this article we are going to see how to send the sms without displaying your phone number, and also it is fully free service. Also you can send sms to any other country by selecting country code.

Follow my steps:

  • Go to this free sms website
  • Enter your receiver’s phone number
  • Type the text in the text editor, and you can send 160 characters at a time.
  • Fill the captcha and send it.
  • Using this method, the receiver will get sms without your number. Here instead of your number the receiver gets some other number like 5 digit or alphabets words.


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