How to send WhatsApp message to unlimited groups?


How to send WhatsApp message to unlimited groups?

WhatsApp is a number one free social media for both android and iOS user; you can use it for sharing videos, photos, text message and any files to anyone individual as well as group. It is free open source software; you can easily install it on your mobile phone. It is available in the application format. You can download it from play store.
Many people using WhatsApp as sending spam messenger, so that at 2018-jan onwards WhatsApp has limited the message sharing capability to 5 groups at a time for Asian (Non-English) and 20 groups for English countries. However, we can break their rules and system. In this article we are going to see how to share WhatsApp message to unlimited groups.
You can unlock it in two ways
  • Using 2line Android app
  • Using GB WhatsApp

How to get second line app:

Second line app is used to create second sim card for you android phone. You can use any of the available foreign number. The app creates a path to link the number with your phone. You can get second line app from here.
  • Download and install the App from this play store link.
  • Just enter your email id or you can use your alternate fake email id. Register your email id.
  • The app checks your human status (robot check), complete it
  • Now you a piece of number which is starts from +1, it means the app give us a US number
  • Here you have to be careful, since before selecting the number, you should try the number with the WhatsApp. Because some of the number will not be valid. So you can enter into the WhatsApp.
  • If the number is good you get a edit number option otherwise you get number is not valid in WhatsApp.
  • If you get a valid number, you can start a registration process. For registering from India you should use call verification
  • After one or two minutes you get verification call from WhatsApp, listen they saying number and enter into the OTP column. That’s all you have completed verification process
  • Next WhatsApp will be installed automatically
  • Using this method, you can share it for 20 groups at a time.

Method2: Using GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is a unlocked version of WhatsApp app. Using this app, you can send unlimited people.
  • Download the GB WhatsApp and install it on your android phone (GB WhatsApp is not available on the play store)
  • After installing go to broadcasting setting, Now you see what are all the group you have joined. Just select all and send the WhatsApp message to unlimited groups.


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